University Leadership

Northeastern is a force for change, forever pushing higher education to stay ahead of the world’s evolving needs. The university’s leaders, too, are drivers of change, inspiring their teams to make the university better every day.

President's Cabinet

david madigan

provost and senior vice president for academic affairs


足球外围网址carla brodley

dean of the khoury college of computer sciences

dan cohen

dean of libraries and vice provost for information collaboration

足球外围网址raj echambadi

dunton family dean of the d’amore-mckim school of business

james r. hackney

足球外围网址dean of the school of law

elizabeth hudson

足球外围网址dean of the college of arts, media and design

足球外围网址jacqueline isaacs

interim dean of the college of engineering

mary loeffelholz

dean of the college of professional studies

足球外围网址uta g. poiger

dean of the college of social sciences and humanities

carmen sceppa

dean of the bouvé college of health sciences

hazel sive

足球外围网址dean of the college of science


john armendariz

vice provost for institutional diversity and inclusion

cole camplese

vice president for information technology and chief information officer

足球外围网址breean fortier

足球外围网址senior vice provost for budget, planning, and administration

debra franko

senior vice provost for academic affairs

diane levin

足球外围网址university ombuds

david luzzi

senior vice provost for research and vice president of the innovation campus at burlington, massachusetts

simon pitts

足球外围网址director of the gordon leadership institute

tom sheahan

senior vice provost for curriculum and programs

足球外围网址geoffrey trussell

足球外围网址vice president of the nahant, massachusetts campus

足球外围网址sara wadia-fascetti

足球外围网址vice provost for the phd network

ted werth

足球外围网址director of entrepreneurship